Development, Mentoring & Coaching

We believe ‘effective supervision’ is a crucial component in the management and development of every working person.

All our supervisors have extensive expert or clinical knowledge to assist supervisees in their work, provide emotional support and to set goals and targets to further challenge their abilities.

We specialise in the management and development of social care professionals, particularly;

  • Registered Managers
  • Fostering Managers
  • Responsible Individuals
  • Independent Social Workers
  • Regulation 44 visitors

Our supervision sessions focus on developing strong professional relationships in order to build trust, enabling the supervisee the confidence and space to think critically, reflect on  their staff’s and own practice, whilst the supervisor’s aim is to manage and develop the supervisee’s performance and outcomes within their social care sector.

Coaching and mentoring are excellent tools in the development of an individual’s self-confidence and ability. Today, they are increasingly used within the workplace to enhance employee’s skills, knowledge and performance.

So, what is the difference between Mentoring and Coaching?

We like to define Coaching as

“Support given by an expert to an individual for the improvement of his/her performance”

and mentoring as:

“Support or an activity where another person guides a less experienced person”

We consider Coaching is more ‘task oriented’ and Mentoring is more ‘relationship’ driven.

Our coaching and mentoring is ideal for;

  • All individuals, who need help to focus or need motivation
  • People returning to work
  • Young People to assist with motivation and build self-confidence
  • Business start ups
  • Registered Managers
  • Fostering managers
  • Responsible Individuals
  • Independent Social Workers
  • Regulation 44 visitors


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