Face 2 face training courses

We realise at Elite123, that people learn in different ways. This can include listening, visual, discussion, participatory exercises, presentations and networking and engaging with other likeminded people.

Our courses aim to provide a variety of methods used, making our training days interactive, informative and interesting, when delivered both in-house and on an open course. All feedback received has always been positive.

Childcare services
Advanced CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation)
Advanced safeguarding children and YP
Basic safeguarding children and YP
Child Sexual Exploitation-introduction
E-safety, cyber bullying and sexting
Extremism and radicalisation prevention- know the signs
Homelessness law and domestic violence
Missing from home and care
Safe administration and recording of medications
Safe care practices-minimising risks of potential allegations
Safeguarding for supervising contact staff
The impact of domestic violence and abuse on children
The impact of growing up with parents who misused alcohol and drugs
Understanding Female Genital Mutilation, Forced Marriage and Honor Based Violence
Understanding substance misuse and the effects on children
Young people and bullying
Young people and gangs awareness
Emotional Health and wellbeing
Caring for children with PTSD- Post traumatic stress and trauma-what is it and how can we support this
Empathetic behaviour management- how does trauma affect behaviours?
Life story work with children and young people – residential and fostering
Mental health in young people-promoting positive mental health
Supporting bereavement, loss and building resilience with children and YP
The impact of childhood neglect /developmental trauma /abuse
Understanding self-harm and suicide in YP
Understanding self-harming behaviours, including eating disorders
Working with children that feel shame
Health, Health & Safety 
Anaphylaxis training
Automated external defibrillator- AED
Communication, negotiation and influencing positive outcomes skills
Court skills- basic
De-escalation skills, positive behaviour management
Emergency First Aid in the workplace level 3
Health and safety in the home /workplace
Health promotion and communicable diseases
Impact of foetal Alcohol syndrome disorder on children and young people
Implementing a Restorative Justice approach
Paediatric First Aid level 3
Promoting and supporting the education of children in care
Promoting independent living skills for care leavers – how can we prepare and support care leavers
Promoting positive family time (contact)
Recording and reporting for residential staff
Supporting children with elimination disorders (soiling, smearing, wetting and PICA)
Supporting young people in the youth justice system
The role of a keyworker, developing key working skills
The role of appropriate adult- all staff
Understanding and managing the care of HIV, HEP A, B, & C
Understanding and promoting emotional intelligence-positive communication
Working with challenging behaviour
Positive Physical intervention techniques (protective restraint training)
Legal frameworks & Quality Assurance
Children in care: The law, Regulations, Minimum Standards & Children’s Rights in fostering
Children’s Homes Regulations, Quality Standards for residential carers
Sexual Health and Identity
Managing stress when working with children/young people exhibiting challenging behaviours
Sexual health, sexuality -including transgender children, non-binary, pan, trans, LGBT
Understanding and managing sexualised behaviours
Specific to: Fostering/parenting skills
Advanced parenting skills
Fostering unaccompanied minors
Fostering unaccompanied minors-advanced
Health and safety for foster carers
Introduction to parent and child fostering
Managing allegations- the effects on the child and the carers.
My family fosters-supporting siblings
Parent and child fostering 3-day course
Parenting a child that has been sexually abused
Recording and reporting for foster carers
Safe care-men who foster
Safe care practices for foster carers-minimising risks of potential allegations
Supporting teenagers in foster care
Supporting the carers following allegations
Understanding and supporting adolescent self-neglect, low self esteem
Courses for Children and Young People specific for ages 5-17
E-safety ages 5- 13years old (staying safe online)
E-safety ages 13- to 17 years old (staying safe online)
Extremism and Radicalisation awareness (what it means and how to stay safe)
CSE and grooming awareness
Youth offending- know the consequences
Gang awareness- know the risks.



Courses for Management & Professionals
Safeguarding for Designated Safeguarding Leads.
Supervision skills for Senior support workers
Supervision skills for Deputy’s Managers
Developing your team-Supervision skills for Managers-linking to Personal Development plans and Appraisals
Evidencing practice to Improve you Ofsted Rating
Managing carers and building resilience for Supervising Social Workers
Role of a Supervising Social worker
Evidencing practice to Improve you Ofsted Rating- understanding the Regulation visit report
Understanding the legal frameworks and Minimum/Quality standards (fostering and residential)
Emotional Intelligence & positive communication skills
Emotional Intelligence in the workplace
Responsible Individual development and workshops
Regulation 44 Independent visitor Workshops


If there is a specific course you require, please ask as we also offer a bespoke service.

Adult Care services
Anaphylaxis training
Anger management
Assertiveness in the workplace
Automated external defibrillator- AED
Bereavement- coping with loss (including loss and divorce)
Challenging PIP decisions
Communication and mental health
Communication, negotiation and influencing positive outcomes skills
Communication, negotiation and influencing skills
Conflict management
Counselling skills for non- counsellors
De-escalation skills, positive behaviour management
Developing interview/questioning skills with your clients
Domestic Violence Awareness
Domestic Violence Awareness and homelessness
Effective case work management
Effective communication
Emergency First Aid in the workplace level 3
Equality and diversity
Exploitation and Human Trafficking
Extremism and Radicalisation
Fire safety/Fire Marshall
Health and safety in the home /workplace
Health promotion and communicable diseases
Helping and supporting adults with paperwork and forms
Housing First (Implementing the model)
Leadership and Management in the workplace
Managing Change
Managing difficult and aggressive behaviour
Managing stress in the home
Managing stress un the workplace
Meeting CQC expectations
Mental Health awareness-promoting emotional wellbeing
Professional Boundaries
Safeguarding training for: faith-based groups, charity trustees
Safeguarding vulnerable adults
Suicide and prevention
Supporting transgender and sexual identity
Understanding self-harming behaviours
Understanding self-neglect and abuse.



If there is a specific course you require, please ask as we also offer a bespoke service.