Workforce Development Plans for 2020

Have you considered your workforces training needs for 2020? Let us work with you to devise your training schedule to meet the needs of the team’s development and areas as identified in their Personal Development Plans (PDP’s) We have over 80 online courses available to meet the needs of the whole workforce’s mandatory requirements from construction, retail, catering to social care, office work, business, leadership and Social Media. Our face2 face courses include Emergency First Aid, Fire Safety, Safeguarding and a range of subject specific courses for the social care sectors including; Children Services, Fostering, Education and Adult Social care.

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This month’s focused training course: Child Abuse & Developmental Trauma

“Early trauma creates an assault on the ‘child’s’ development over time. Not only do traumatised children develop a range of unhealthy coping strategies which they believe will help them survive, they also do not develop the essential daily living skills that children need, such as being able to manage impulse, solve problems and executive functioning.” This course has been insightfully written and presented by a psychotherapist and social worker, who both have collaborative and extensive experience working with and caring for traumatised children and supporting their carers. The course provides the delegates with an understanding and insight of the impact early trauma can have upon the developing mind of a child and provides an opportunity to discuss and learn valuable coping skills to assist carers to manage the associated behaviours as a result. Contact us to book this course.

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